Emarsys Evolution

Evolving towards a marketing revolution
BUDAPEST | 11.05.17

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Evolving towards a Marketing Revolution 

Marketing is changing, it is evolving quicker than we think. The role of the marketer today, will look completely different in a few years from now.

At Emarsys Evolution, we will explore the role of the marketer; looking at whether current marketing methods are scalable, what the future holds, and what steps you can take to futureproof your marketing efforts.

Presentations will include:

5 Marketing Predictions for the Next 5 Years

Evolving towards a Revolution. Does Modern Marketing Scale?

  • Registrations starts at 12pm, finishing with a Cocktail Hour from 5PM
  • Every participant will leave with clear recommendations on how to future proof their marketing

The Presenters


Arpád Deák

Senior Sales Consultant, Emarsys


Barnabas Pöltl

Client Success Manager, Emarsys


András Deák

Director, SmartCommerce Division, Next Wave Europe


Kerekes Krisztián


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