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Strategic Loyalty:

Actionable tips for building your brand’s customer loyalty strategy


Loyal customers are vital to a business. However, with the radical changes seen in retail and e-commerce over the past several months, an increasing number of brands are realizing that a strategic approach to customer loyalty is critical for the future. But what does a true customer loyalty strategy look like?

Join loyalty experts Pete Howroyd (CEO, The Loyalty People) and Amir Jacobi (VP Product Growth, Emarsys) as they share how your brand can build a loyalty strategy that leads to increased customer loyalty and better business results.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s crucial to start with a clear vision of what loyalty looks like, and what it means for your brand.
  • The importance of having loyalty on every channel (and what happens if you don’t).
  • How to maximize business outcomes by merging loyalty with your CRM.
  • The difference between your loyalty strategy and execution, and how to accurately measure loyalty’s impact on growth and revenue.
  • All the components of loyalty, and which might be most relevant for your brand.
  • Why creating emotional connections with customers is the most powerful way to build trusted, long-lasting loyalty.